The Cardinals


Local Pudsey  band The Cardinals  described by fans as being like a “live indie disco” We play anthemic Indie/Punk and Rock covers from recent times.

Our plan is to make your night the best it can be and our choice of songs  makes that happen.

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Andy Quirk – Bass & Vocals

Plays classic Gibsons, Fenders, Rickenbacker & Musicman

all thru an Orange Terror Bass rig

Gary Garbutt – Guitar & vocals

Plays classic Telecaster thru Marshall amplification – simple but effective


Andy Cunnane . Guitar, vocals & Keyboards

Plays classic Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Jaguar, Gibson 339,

Fender Telecaster & Takamine  thru Blackstar 

Bryan Muffitt – Drums and shouting 

Plays Mapex kit, very hard and very fast……

and classic Cow Bell never smiles 

For more details go to our links page and check out their website for a full gig guide…